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Posted on October 1, 2014

When a pet is more than a pet.

Buddy doing his part.There are times when a pet is more than just a pet.  For those that had to use our service and, in turn, had the pleasure of meeting him, know that Buddy was truly an angel in the form of a dog. The Vista Bail Bonds family is fortunate to have a sister that, ten years ago, knew I needed a buddy and that’s how Buddy unexpectedly came into my life. He quickly became my companion, business confidante, comedy side kick, source of my superpowers, business mascot, and my inseparable best friend with four legs. Buddy was such an amazing animal who made it easy for me. He actually did all the work and let me take all the credit. He went everywhere with me because he was so well mannered, so gentle, so patient, and so loving to anyone and everyone.Buddy was allowed to wait in the jail lobby for me while I posted a bail bond. He flew next to me on airlines, sat next to me in our motor homes through 18 states, some Buddy greetstwo and three times. He went with me to audition for a reality TV show about Bounty Hunters: I told the producers that Buddy was actually dog the bounty hunter. He put up with my ideas and my contraptions. He wasn’t thrilled, but still rode next to me on the motorcycle and never got sick on any boats. He loved the ocean, rivers, and lakes, but avoided pools like a plague. He was first to greet people that came into the Vista Bail Bonds office and always seem to know how to help people feel better that were upset or sad. People that came into the office would seem to automatically call him buddy, so I’m sure he wondered how everybody knew his name. In the last ten years if you added together the times we were apart, it probably only amount to 3 weeks total.

In August 2014, while at the Vet for an eye infection, we received the worst news anyone could imagine. They discovered Buddy had large aggressive cancer tumors on his lung and spleen with small ones spread everywhere. The Vets best guess was Buddy had about a week. I couldn’t get my head to accept that,so I became a mad scientist mixing different anti-cancer this and that trying anything and everything to give the powers that be an excuse to heal him. Buddy was so patient with me and he swallowed everything I made him. I like to think it was because of my efforts that allowed Buddy to be with us longer than expected, but it was killing me to think he was hiding any pain. But after only 3 short weeks I knew it was time. I had a Vet come to the house so Buddy wouldn’t be stressed anymore than he already was. I brushed his hair while I laid next to him telling him what a good boy he was, how much I loved him, and it was time to go “ni-night.” That’s what we said at night when it was time for bed. As the Vet gave him the first shot, he slowly looked me in the eyes and I told him it was OK and I loved him very much before he slowly drifted off. As the Vet injected the final shot, I continuously kissed him on his head until I felt his soul leave his body. It was fast, painless and peaceful for Buddy:not so much for us.

So, I take comfort knowing he’s not suffering now. I lost a brother to
cancer this year too, so I’m hoping those two are playing around together.

You know, if people would be more like dogs, humanity wouldn’t be in such a greedy mess.

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