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Posted on January 22, 2016

Paradox and Possibility

There’s a possibility that if a cat jumps on a hot stove, it will never jump on a hot stove again – and that’s good. But it may never jump on a cold stove either, but that might be good too. When something happens and we assign a particular meaning to it, it reduces the likelihood we’ll repeat that which didn’t work as once thought. But, in doing that, you inhibit your ability to learn and understand about domains  unfamiliar to you compared to the domains you knew well.

We are constantly asking the universe for answers or clues about what it all means. This can cause problems if our early experience with an alternative was, for some reason, not characteristic of what subsequent experience have been. When contradictions appear, we are slow to let go of past associations  or assumptions which we have correlated into our way of being. Taking old assumptions for granted and interacting with things already settled, limits us thus leading to a “just so much” attitude.

By recognizing that the past, present, and future are just interpretations and not intrinsic to reality,  a more fluid, open-ended and relative world opens up to you. We’re never really stuck within the borders setup to define who we are or how we see things. Transformation has the power to unseat our “business as usual” life and upset the status quo by revealing the fact we have always had a choice about who we are and the full life that being human has readily available. Ambiguity and paradox allows us to engage in a world that’s fulfilled, complete, nuanced, rich, and full of wonder and amazement.

Cathy Elliott


So live today like it’s your last, but do it responsible.  The reality of our life is that Yesterday is over, gone, part of history that only stays real by the minds manipulation of our memory.  Tomorrow, on the other hand, is just how we reference future time that is uncontrollable and void. It’s the excuse used whenever we want to avoid life today but, like yesterday, is impossible to live twice.


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