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Being arrested can be embarrassing, scary, and even a painful experience.

Our experienced professional bail agents at Vista Bail Bonds® understand your fear and apprehension and treat you with respect and patience. We know that every arrest and situation can be different. Our bail agents have over 185 years of combined experience in the bail business, and that gives us great insight about the bail process.

What happens immediately after the arrest...

If you are arrested in the North San Diego County, California, you will not be eligible to be released until after you are delivered and processed into the Vista Jail/Detention Facility. The Vista Jail/Detention Facility is part of the San Diego County Superior Court Complex in the City of Vista, California.

Once arrested and booked, the defendant or loved one should call Vista Bail Bonds Inc.

We will explain the bail process and estimate the amount of time it will take for release after the conclusion of his or her warrant check. Our office is located directly across Melrose Drive from the Vista Jail in Vista, California. Vista Bail Bonds® has been the most convenient and closest bail bond office to the jail complex for over 50 years!

The intake booking process includes, but is not limited to: questions, fingerprints, mug shots, and warrant checks.

This can take 2 - 6 hours, during which time the defendant is placed in a room known as the phone tank or holding cell. This is where free local or collect calls can be made to arrange bail.

Arrange bail using our "phone, fax or e-mail" program.

This saves time and trouble by securing the defendants release without having to leave your home or office at night or at some inconvenient time.

Bail can be posted by Vista Bail Bonds® (locally in Vista, California), for anyone with bail in any of the San Diego County Jails... 24 hrs/365 days including holidays.

Once bail is posted it usually takes the jail staff 1 - 4 hours to complete the release of the defendant from custody. The bail system is designed to guarantee the appearance of a criminal defendant in court at the time the judge directs, with no cost to the taxpayers.

Vista Bail Bonds® is the most established bail bond company in North San Diego County, California.

We have a track record that only well-established businesses have because of our honesty, integrity, professionalism and discretion. We do everything to make it easy and stress free as possible for you. Learn more about the bail procedure in our easy to understand FAQs.

You're in good hands at Vista Bail Bonds® in Vista CA.

We will take care of every detail and get you through this tough time. Our goal is for you or your loved one to get an immediate release and back to your life.

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Vista Bail Bonds® is located directly across Melrose Drive from the Vista jail.
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